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Diving deep into the information your company already has access to broaden your insight and gives you the ability to drive your organization forward.

STROIKA helps you develop your custom business intelligence solution to find this information, transform it into something meaningful and present it to the appropriate decision makers—it is what Business Intelligence is all about.

  • Why Choose STROIKA

STROIKA’s developers have the experience to deliver BI solutions that provide real-time information access, identify profitable customers, track inefficiencies, and, most importantly, save you money. Each BI solution is custom-tailored to your needs because STROIKA spends the time upfront to understand your business and figure out which of our services will be most useful and cost-effective for you.

Flexible, easy-to-use tools provide up-to-the-minute monitoring and analytics to help you make informed decisions. STROIKA’s business intelligence experts will develop a strategy for you to use all of your data to enhance your business practices rather than merely monitoring or storing it.

The BI solutions that STROIKA provides for our clients are delivered in familiar environments including Microsoft Office. Using programs that your employees are already comfortable with bypasses the need for costly training sessions

It is vital that the underlying architecture of an enterprise Business Intelligence solution support the business by being modeled in such a way as to seamlessly guide the information from the source systems to the decision makers.

STROIKA delivers business intelligence architecture that is robust, extensible, and is practical for your business.

STROIKA will work with you to implement a BI solution that provides you with timely and convenient access to information and also presents it in an understandable manner for analysis. Having access to your data is only beneficial when it is available and readable in the way that best suits your needs.

  • Presentation

The presentation of your collected information in a clean, understandable way is a key piece to making use of the newly collected data. Your processed information must be able to answer the questions posed by decision makers or it is simply not useful. Your data must also be able to answer these questions in such a way as to not incur extra work on the part of the end user.

STROIKA excels in analyzing not only the needs of the business as a whole, but also the requirements of the individual user.

  • Data Storage & Management

STROIKA BI is a flexible and trustworthy solution for storing, managing, and securing growing volumes of data. Information that is vital to your business inevitably accumulates, and it is crucial to have a system in place to manage this data in a useful way. With Business Intelligence, organization is the key for optimal use and the STROIKA team will ensure that your data is configured to provide reports for your precise purposes.

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

The collection and cleaning of business intelligence data is as integral to the success of any BI implementation as the presentation of that information. It is crucial to identify and implement the business rules and requirements to correctly import data from any number of sources. The timeliness and accuracy of this information is a critical dynamic in ensuring the quality of your data. Fortunately, the experts at STROIKA have years of experience creating efficient, manageable, and precise processing to meet these exact needs.

  • Business Intelligence

STROIKA Business Intelligence (BI) enables companies to make smarter, faster, and stronger decisions by granting access to the information they need. Many companies struggle to find methods for efficiently reporting information about their customers, suppliers, and products. Business Intelligence solutions address this challenge by providing timely reports of in-depth, accurate information, helping you make even better, more informed business decisions.

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