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Can you afford another server crash?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were not always calling IT to fix your problems?

Don’t you wish you could access your files whenever and wherever?

Are you tired of purchasing hardware upgrades?

Would you like to have software licensing simplified?

Wish you did not have to worry about losing any files or failed backups?

Technology is supposed to make your life easier, not make more hassles. However, all too often tasks like purchasing upgrades, licensing, and ensuring access for your employees wherever they might need to sign in lead to headaches and unexpected costs.

Now you can let STROIKA take care of all that. No more worrying about crashing servers. No more promises of quick fixes that just end up causing more problems. In addition, no more worrying about whether or not your employees will be able to sign in and quickly access your business’s shared platforms.

Your business could have secure, anywhere access to email, calendars, Office Web Apps, conferencing, and file sharing. Whether you are sharing an appointment schedule, briefing a colleague on project updates, or tweaking a PowerPoint presentation for a new client, your business will always be within reach. With smart phone apps, it may even be as close as your pocket.

Communication and information sharing can be both simple and secure. Too many businesses today forfeit efficiency by being tangled up in transitions between multiple message formats and file sharing platforms.

STROIKA can get all your employees back on the same page. With uniform platforms and a single messaging interface, you will no longer have to worry about compatibility or waste time converting files.

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