Changing times, changing requirements, changing technologies

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On-going business transformation is required for sustainability in the highly competitive environment that exists today. Effective business transformation can ensure improved organizational performance and help you attain a competitive edge. Organizations need to be able to invent new, creative strategies that can help them anticipate change and adopt appropriate measures.

STROIKA’s consulting services help your organization handle the constant changes, thereby making it more competent and robust to the market conditions. We offer innovative solutions and the best advice for your to handle the market fluctuations and overcome the uncertainty. We can also help you make effective decisions by providing you with the best consulting services in the industry.


We leverage deep domain knowledge and possess the necessary know-how that help us eliminate lengthy and expensive business processes and thereby make them more streamlined and efficient, which leads to optimal management of available resources. We help our customers in transforming their businesses through innovative solutions that cater to the specific requirements of their industry and other organizational requirements.

The segments we serve:

We are at the forefront by providing top-notch information technology talent to our customers across various technologies, market verticals and business applications for various industries.

They include:

  • Government: Our Open Governance IT solutions and platforms promote efficiency, policy effectiveness, transparency collaboration enabling “good governance” in areas that matter most to citizens. Designed for all levels of government, our government solutions can help you fulfil your service mandates and improve the quality of life for your citizens.


  • Enterprise – Solutions built to differentiate ourselves with competition with enhanced user experience across solutions. STROIKA has provided the following solutions to our esteemed customers in Enterprise sector.

Our Process :

We follow a proven methodology when we consult our clients. The process that we follow ensures that our clients get the best services possible and are provided with optimal solutions for their requirements. It includes the following:

  • Understanding the client business process.
  • Finding out the client requirements.
  • Suggesting the optimal IT solutions.

Our Team

Our team of IT consultants have a wide range of skills and hence they are capable of providing the best services to our clients. These skills include:

  • Advisory
  • Technical
  • Business
  • Communication


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