Data Migration

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What is data migration?

The process of data migration involves transferring data from one system to another while changing the storage, database or application. It occurs when an existing hardware is being upgraded or when there is a transfer to a completely new system. It can be done in multiple ways including the following:

  • The two systems can be merged to create a new one.
  • One of the systems can be migrated to the other one.
  • Create a data warehouse and a common view to view both the systems without modifying or upgrading them.


Why do we need data migration?

Whenever a merger or an acquisition takes place, applications, which are redundant, are phased out or retired. However, the data that they contain need to be preserved and moved to the new system. This can be done when upgrading to a new version of a database or when changing to a new version of the application. The purpose of data migration is to transfer the existing data in the application to the new application. The format of the data may change depending on the requirements of the new system.


Our services

STROIKA delivers the industry’s best environment for complex and potentially risky projects. A broad product line of additional capabilities helps you deploy your initiative on time and on budget, ensuring success before and after your application go-live.

STROIKA provides the best data migration processes with the combination of:

  • Best practice methodology
  • Experienced professional services



Data migration plan


We have a specialized data migration practice, which has standardized tools, methodologies and processes for effective data migration. Where possible, we will re-use these tools to migrate the data and minimize the risk of data loss and increasing the quality of data output.

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