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Establishing a Mobility Center of Excellence (COE) is an initiative intended to centralize governance, standards, and activities around a set of principles – organizational and architectural – for an effective and efficient use of mobile technology across the enterprise.

The Purpose

  • Capturing experience, best practices, and reference architectures from mobility projects within the organization and across the organizations.
  • Accelerate deployment within the corporation
  • Minimizes overall effort, as each work group or business unit no longer has to reinvent and implement mobility policies on its own.
  • Provides the leadership needed to deploy and manage personal and company-owned mobile devices seeking access to corporate data.
  • Enables to use combination of standards and policies, along with technology infrastructure and skills, to alleviate the challenges of enterprise mobility.


The mobility center of excellence facilitates success by:

  • Leveraging existing IT processes (standards, governance) and people
  • Defining standards, vendor and technology selection, and security policies relevant to mobility
  • Acting as the trusted adviser to the line-of-business leaders
  • Reviewing, evaluating, and approving mobility projects
  • Providing technology expertise to the business, authoring best practices, and facilitating training and technical support during implementation
  • Offering thought leadership, consulting on mobile technology, and providing metrics reporting and support after deployment

Our Mobility COE

STROIKA has the experience in developing software and successfully rolling out applications for platforms such as Blackberry and Windows along with Android and iOS, STROIKA can assure the development and successful delivery of the mobile application to DOF, Abu Dhabi while following international standards for software development and testing.

STROIKA has a world-class Centre of Excellence for Mobile Applications (MCOE), which works round the clock in our R&D Centre, developing mobile applications for our clients. STROIKA MCOE developed a mobile application development platform known as STROIKA ONEMOBILE, which is developed based on world-class technologies. STROIKA through ONE MOBILE Architecture approach has developed and delivered domain-specific solutions for domains such as Banking, Real-Estate & Construction, Telecom, and Government – Municipality, eServices, Customs, Police, Immigration, and Transport etc.

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