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The Oracle applications and tools makes it easy to consolidate many applications quickly and also manage them as a cloud service. They include data processing capabilities that lead to enhanced analytical performance. The Oracle tools are known for its high performance, efficiency, security and availability.

Our Oracle COE

STROIKA’s Oracle COE is proficient in the areas of SOA and BPM, D2K migration and Oracle DB. Through the Oracle technology space solutions, we have provided innovative solutions to our clients. These solutions have helped them in developing highly efficient solutions and achieve significant cost reductions. The Oracle COE also delivers higher ROI and value to our Oracle customers. We leverage new technologies and industry expertise to provide the best of services to them. We also have expertise in the areas of data warehousing, database security and storage management.

Our Team

Our team of experts on Oracle are constantly engaged in improving their skills on Oracle tools and are very proficient on their applications. They have expertise in the areas of:

  • SOA and BPM
  • D2K migration
  • Oracle DB


  • Consulting
  • Application Development Management
  • Application Maintenance Service
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Data Migration
  • COEs
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Domain Services


  • eOffice
  • eService
  • eVisa
  • ePrison
  • iArchive
  • eCops
  • OneMobile

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